Bluehost Vs Hostgator Review for 2013 - Which Hosting Ranks Higher?

Are you planning to run an online business? If you are, then you should realize the importance of choosing the right web host from the get-go. In choosing a web hosting company, you can’t just look at the prices for their services. Cheaper rates may be attractive, but are you willing to work with restricted services and limited bandwidth?

Of course not. And if you’re serious about your business, you will be willing to pay a few dollars more for quality service that you will need for your business. However, there’s a steep competition among web hosting companies today like BlueHost and HostGator. It may be a challenge picking the right one for your site.

So, let’s start looking into both these companies, the level of service they provide and the prices they are offering. BlueHost and HostGator are reputable web host providers. Both offer reliable customer service and technical reliability, which are qualities that their users love.

In terms of pricing structure, BlueHost and HostGator price their standard packages at a range of $3.95 to $6.95 per month. These rates are quite cheap in the market already but you still have to look at what features you are actually paying for.

With BlueHost, a single standard rate is offered for the unlimited shared hosting accounts. This is priced at $6.95 per month and is all-inclusive already. Moreover, BlueHost offers free Bluehost coupons to entice new users. These BlueHost coupons can further reduce the price to $3.95 per month in your first year.

On the other hand, the same package from HostGator is only limited to one domain. But, it includes online security features like SSL and an IP address; things you will need for a high traffic site. If you tally the cost without the free security features, you’ll be paying at least $10 a month.

In terms of website administration and management, BlueHost and HostGator offers pretty much the same thing. They supply cPanel and a website builder that is template-based. Further, both web hosts provide e-mail autoresponders, list of scripts to install, unlimited spam domains, FTP accounts, anti-spam features and MySQL databases. The transfer speeds and bandwidth level are almost the same as well.

Now that we’ve given both web host packages a closer look, which one is the better pick? Well, that will really depend on you. Certainly, the BlueHost coupon can reduce your subscription rate for the first year. But after that, you’ll be paying the $6.95. But do take note that for this price, you have the flexibility to add domains and expand your site further. The HostGator coupon doesn’t allow this.

Now if you just want to keep a simple website and have no plans of adding domains in the next year, you can stick with HostGator’s promo hatchling plan at $3.95 with an account limited to only one domain.

Posted over 6 years ago